Indian Ocean

Sustainable mangrove management in Mayotte, Les Naturalistes Environnement et Patrimoine de Mayotte

Mangroves provide a series of regulating services, such as coastal protection and stabilisation, regulation of the global climate or purification of continental waters. In Mayotte, they have regularly been the subject of various studies and plans, but most of the time with a strong institutional component. What makes this project special are the facts it brings the population closer to this delicate and invaluable space, and actually assigns it an active role in monitoring and management actions.

Concretely, on two anthropized sites, Dembéni and Bandrélé mangroves, at least 30 people are being trained in the monitoring of indicators which in the long term will help identify trends on the evolution of the sites. Additionally, the project aims to reach at least 600 people and communicate information on various types of pollution that impact mangroves. The project initiated actions involving municipalities, institutions and other interested parties so that these spaces can begin to be managed locally.

More information can be found on the association’s website.