Using the endangered Madeira pipistrelle as one of the flagship species (2020 call)

Budget: 39,994.99 EUR
Coordinator: Instituto das Florestas e Conservação da Natureza, IP-RAM

The project intervention area is located within the Madeiran KBA MAD1 Madeira Nature Park, which is one of the designated KBAs for bats in Macaronesia and includes the SAC PTMAD0001 Laurissilva da Madeira. The target species of the project Pipistrellus maderensis is listed as one of the trigger species in the Macaronesia BEST Ecosystem Profile.

The integrated passive and active monitoring will complement the existing data in terms of spatial and temporal distribution, abundance and habitat use in all main pristine primary laurel forest areas, mostly unsampled, meeting the Baseline Data collection & species assessment, one of the priority areas of action in the BEST Ecosystem Profile for Macaronesia.

The development and use of a mobile app that can be used by everyone, including nature wardens and forest rangers will improve the biodiversity database for all chiropteran species in the whole Island and hence address several of the most critical areas for action in the Macaronesian region as laid by BEST Ecosystem profile, improving Biodiversity Databanks in Macaronesia.

The inclusion of an Action/Conservation plan and continued monitoring plans in the project that will serve as a base for all other bat species and Natura 2000 areas, will provide local authorities with information to lay specific legal protection measures and vital conservation policies, as considered critical in BEST Ecosystem profile for the Macaronesian region.

The two main sectors of economic importance for the Island, Tourism and agriculture are covered by the project goals and meet the regional strategies of investment and sustainable development.

Overall the project contributes to several critical areas for action devised by the BEST Ecosystem Profile for Macaronesia and also the Regional Investment Strategy and will strengthen biodiversity conservation in Macaronesia overall and in Madeira specifically.