Sea class / “Classe de Mer” (2020 call)

Budget: 39,999.01 EUR
Coordinator: Ocean Sciences & Logistic

One of the underlying causes of biodiversity loss is the unawareness of the value of this biological diversity and of all the services provided by ecosystems.

Through an immersion in the marine environment, but also mobilization on a collaborative project, the association wishes to make the participation of young Guyanese people effective and to concretize the transformation of their practices through reinforcement and experimentation. In addition to the discovery of the richness of the Guyanese coastline and the understanding of the functioning and roles of marine ecosystems, the students, as well as the trainers, will be made aware of healthy lifestyles, adapted to sustainable development challenges.

In order to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as to the sustainable use of biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem services, the Sea Classes project in French Guiana meets the following educational objectives:

– Discover the richness and diversity of the marine environment;
– Improve understanding of the issues around marine biodiversity;
– Reconnect young people to nature and their territory;
– Encourage initiative by students and their teachers.