Rays and sharks in French Guiana: raising awareness, involvement and training of maritime stakeholders (2020 call)

Budget: 38,637.49 EUR
Coordinator: Groupe d'Etude et de Protection des Oiseaux en Guyane

Rays and sharks play an important role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems. Due to their status as super-predators, they are located at the top of the food chain and participate in the regulation of all the lower trophic levels. The presence of rays and sharks guarantees the functionality of marine ecosystems and the protection of all other species on which many human communities depend. Safeguarding them is therefore part of a process of sustainable fisheries management.
Two Life4BEST objectives are therefore identified in this project: conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services; sustainable use of biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem services.

To achieve these objectives, the project aims to raise awareness, involve and train sea stakeholders. On the one hand, for a collective awareness of the role and conservation issues of these species, to fight against the trade of regulated species, to limit bycatch by professional fishing, to promote the release in good health of animals captured (mainly through recreational fishing) and encourage information collection to improve knowledge.