Puffinus LIFE4BEST Project

Budget: 39,860.66 EUR
Coordinator: Câmara Municipal do Funchal

This bird species, unknown to a large part of the population, is distributed in the North Atlantic where, in small islets and ravines inside the islands (as is the case of Ribeira de Santa Luzia), where they find a safe habitat for nesting. It is in this valley, protected from the predatory action of cats and mice, that they build their nests and continue with their reproductive cycle.

The project features actions to control weeds and the planting of native species, along with the recovery of trails that will improve access to the patagarro colony, which will be promoted on site. This is the result of a partnership between the Municipality of Funchal and the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), and the plan is to test various methodologies for the census and monitoring of seabirds, facilitating the monitoring of the reproductive cycle with minimal disturbance of the colony.

CMF and SPEA technicians are on the ground to better understand the distribution and impact of predators in the area and to help ensure that the Funchal Ecological Park is a welcoming place for this species, which is one of the least known birds in the archipelago. and one of the symbols of the Park.