Promote the implementation of suitable protection and management tools for the conservation of savannahs (2020 call)

Budget: 39,980.85 EUR
Coordinator: Association Trésor

The project meets LIFE4BEST objectives, mainly those related to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. This project is consistent with the national strategies, in particular the biodiversity strategy and the strategy for the creation of protected areas. The law for the recovery of biodiversity, nature and landscapes has set the objective of reducing the net loss of biodiversity to zero. At the local level, this project is perfectly in line with the savannah conservation objectives of State services (savannah conservation strategy project carried out by the DGTM).

The protected areas strategy highlights the need for bridging knowledge gaps and protection of these rare and threatened environments. This project thus proposes concrete and operational local activities in terms of improving knowledge. Specific consultation work with stakeholders will make it possible to deal with the conflicts of use of these spaces in order to propose decision-making tools with a view to conserve targeted savannahs. These tools will provide a solid basis for discussion to establish a hierarchy of issues in terms of protection and knowledge on savannahs, but also in terms of development.

This project also aims to raise awareness among local elected officials and the population of issues related to savannahs, so that they are taken into account in the implementation of local public policies. The acquisition of knowledge as well as the progressive accompaniment of local elected officials will make it possible to create a dynamic for the preservation of this habitat and to reduce the anthropogenic threats on the savannahs qualified as priority habitats, thus contributing to the regional strategy for the conservation of savannahs. Finally, environmental education actions for schoolchildren will be carried out over the duration of the project.