Pripris de Yiyi, support for nature education (2020 call)

Budget: 39,995.36 EUR
Coordinator: Société d'Etude de Protection et d'Aménagement de la Nature en Guyane

The Sinnamary Nature House is a gateway to Pripri de Yiyi. Between land and sea, this mosaic of terrestrial and aquatic environments is the meeting place for a variety of fauna and flora. It is a protected area of ​​the Conservatoire du littoral, classified as a Ramsar zone since 2008. While for a long time this was an “obligatory” stop for many schools and colleges on the Guyanese coast, this is no longer the case for several reasons including the lack of facilitators and the obsolescence of existing media.

However, the importance of Pripri de Yiyi remains high, as confirmed by the conclusions of the scientific studies and monitoring carried out by SEPANGUY on heritage species of fauna and flora that testify to its richness, especially as the site is included in the regional strategy for the fight against invasive species.

Since 2019, the Savanes community tourist office has been a partner in the management of the Maison de la Nature with the aim of revitalizing the site and reviewing the museography of the space based on existing studies. The town hall of Sinnamary has acted as a facilitator and has clearly included the development of the town on that of the blue economy (INTERREG Odyssea programme). This site is subject to anthropogenic pressure that will increase with the frequentation of the site. There is therefore an urgent need to develop actions to raise awareness of heritage, an approach in which SEPANGUY wishes to be associated.

With its experience in the field and its expertise in environmental education, SEPANGUY offers to lead the network of actors in order to set up a coherent and sustainable educational project around this natural heritage area. This educational program concerns all users of the site: schoolchildren, residents, fishermen and tourists.