Preserving the native birds of Colosse in La Réunion (2020 call)

Budget: 39,963.72 EUR
Coordinator: Société d'Etude Ornithologiques de La Réunion

The three areas of action of the project will contribute to the main objective of conserving biodiversity in the Colosse nature area managed by SEOR.

The creation of areas free of introduced predators: the deployment of automatic lethal traps to exterminate rats and capture cages to remove cats will reduce the population of rats throughout the year and of cats just before the breeding season, and will thus contribute to limiting predation on water birds (eggs, chicks) in the natural zone. It is therefore expected that the breeding success of the Striated Heron and the Moorhen will increase.

The reopening of part of the banks by cutting down pink berries, the creation of a mudflat and the installation of perches will make it possible to have a favorable zone for the reception of migratory shorebirds, but also areas for rest and fishing for Striped Herons.

In addition to management actions, awareness-raising actions will involve the local population in the preservation of the site’s biodiversity, at least by encouraging them to reduce degradation to this natural environment. Through school activities, children will become aware of the richness of the heritage and the impact of certain human activities. Finally, awareness activities and the presence of rangers will limit harmful practices.