PLANT’AKSYON – Restoration of seaside flora (2020 call)

Budget: 35,775.54 EUR
Coordinator: Mairie de Saint-François

The ecological studies carried out on the coasts of Saint-François have made it possible to understand the role played by coastal vegetation in the resilience of coasts in the face of rising waters.

This initiative has several objectives: improving the status of threatened native species, managing invasive alien species, implementing nature-based solutions to enable the adaptation of coastlines in the face of erosion, preserving the attractiveness tourism in the town, raising public and school awareness, promoting the emergence of new Educational Marine Areas and promoting multi-partner and collaborative projects. The final objective is to implement a concrete example of coastal restoration in Guadeloupe by involving schoolchildren through the Educational Areas program. And as a result, demonstrate the capacity of overseas regions to put in place effective actions, which can be reproduced on all coastlines (with adaptation to the local context) with the aim of mitigating the effects of climate change.

(Project manager Jérémy Delolme and the LIFE4BEST team at one of the project nurseries. Photo: Alex C.)