Fauna of the lower Approuague: from discovery to dissemination (2020 call)

Budget: 18,757.1 EUR
Coordinator: Maison Familiale Rurale des Fleuves de l'Est

The first result of the project is the initiation of young people from the Maison Familiale Rurale de Régina (MFR) to the principles of nature protection and sustainable development. 40 youths, at least half of whom will be girls, will be involved in the project. The initiation will be conducted in two parts including information on natural areas, ecosystems and species.

The second result is a better knowledge of their environment by the learners. They will discover the biodiversity of the river including sensitive and endemic species.

The third result is the creation of an Approuague bird recognition booklet. The booklet including at least 20 species will be printed on paper and available in schools, at EMAK, in tourist structures, A0 prints, boards will be on display at EMAK and may be exhibited in other municipalities in Guiana. Digital versions will be distributed via social networks and accessible by a QR code.

The last result aims to set up an awareness-raising action in primary schools. Activities will be led by MFR students and will be presented over half a day (1 box containing at least 10 animations). The 40 MFR students will hold presentations for 30 to 40 primary school children (CE2/CM1/CM2). An external structure will intervene on these workshops.