EDUCOCEAN (2020 call)

Budget: 39,934.97 EUR
Coordinator: Association Abyss

Main objective: “implementation of actions in favor of the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services”

EDUCOCEAN is aimed at the general public and specifically at young people, considering that they are probably the major players in the development of future requirements for the conservation of species and ecosystems. Even if simple images are enough in themselves to testify to the incredible richness of this natural heritage, understanding the issues and mechanisms is not easy. It is based on multidisciplinary knowledge, some of which is still discussed by scientists. Connecting the general public to scientific research remains a challenge that has not been met given the amount of content that is contemplative in nature and devoid of in-depth information. In order to bridge the gaps between these two worlds, the project sees the creation and organization of socio-educational public awareness campaigns based on the latest technical and scientific advances. ABYSS proposes an implementation around 2 major axes:

– Innovation for the sharing and monitoring of knowledge: specialized in the multimodal monitoring of marine mammals, ABYSS plans to put its technological tools and scientific results at the service of creating awareness-raising content (video reports, adapted educational materials, creations arts, participatory science).

– A support program for educational purposes to strengthen ecological awareness and knowledge of the maritime trades sector for various audiences: the association proposes to organize a partnership with schools and a home protection of children in order to set up on the one hand, cycles of intervention in the room and presentations of adapted content, on the other hand, field trips dedicated to the observation of marine biodiversity (cetaceans , turtles, birds, fish).