1,500 trees for Grande-Terre as part of 100,000 trees for Guadeloupe (2020 call)

Budget: 37,491.09 EUR
Coordinator: Association Conseil Environnement Développement Durable ACED

This is a unifying associative project promoting to the general public and schoolchildren the plantation of local species of trees in order to maintain the proper functioning of ecosystems, which is a key element for a better adaptation to climate change.

The project started from observations inherent to the LIFE4BEST objectives. Guadeloupe and especially the island of Grande Terre face a high rate of deforestation. More than 15% of native flora is threatened. Ecological corridors in inhabited areas are highly weakened. To promote the resilience of this island territory, it is necessary to strengthen the food security of its population. Many local fruiting tree species can meet the nutritional needs of the population.

Faced with this need, in addition to informing and raising awareness on the importance of native flora and climate change, by donating trees and having participants plant and tend to them, the project will make it possible for locals to get actively involved.

The project thus aims to strengthen the resilience of the territory and its food autonomy with a wide approach: Environmental (maintaining and safeguarding local biodiversity: cultivated, agro-diversity, ordinary and heritage; strengthening ecosystem services); Economic (activating a green and solidarity-based economy); Social (bringing together a wide network of stakeholders – associations, institutions, volunteers – in the organization of awareness-raising and information events; aimed primarily at students and individuals – intergenerational approach; tangible positive impacts by encouraging food security, working together, reconciling Guadeloupeans with their environment).

Tree-planting and awareness-raising event held by ACED in late August 2022. Photo: Alex C.