The LIFE4BEST-ORs Programme
(hereafter LIFE4BEST) continues
the EU BEST Initiative.

LIFE4BEST provides grant funding for small-scale field actions for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Outermost Regions of the European Union (ORs). LIFE4BEST is a grant scheme designed to provide effective support for actions on the ground at the local, as well the regional level. It is funded by the EU LIFE Programme, the French Biodiversity Agency and the French Development Agency.

The overall objective of LIFE4BEST is to provide support for biodiversity action in the EU’s Outermost.

The specific objectives of LIFE4BEST are:

  • To facilitate access to EU funds for actors in the nine EU Outermost Regions so as to unlock initiatives and potential in the fields of biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of ecosystem services, including ecosystem based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation, as a basis for sustainable development.
  • To increase the capacity of these actors to ccess and effectively manage EU funds.
  • To increase the visibility of EU Outermost Regions as key contributors to the achievement of EU and global biodiversity strategies and targets.

Two calls will be launched under the LIFE4BEST programme:

- one in November 2019 for small grants;
- another one first semester 2020 for smaller grants.

Guidelines for applicants for the first call for proposals

Call for proposal 2019

Supporting Biodiversity Action
in the EU’s Outermost Regions

Guidelines for Applicants

Download PDF Application Form and Useful Documents

LIFE4BEST-ORs is funded by the LIFE
Programme of the European
Commission together with OFB
and AFD.

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